Why I looooove ConvertKit

ConvertKit is my favorite email marketing service. It’s easy to use, and will help you grow your list quickly. That’s why I help people with ConvertKit, and why I even became one of the world’s first 20 ConvertKit Certified Consultants!

If you’re currently not using ConvertKit, I strongly suggest you give it a try to see for yourself what ConvertKit can do for your business. The steps to take:

1. Sign up for a FREE 30 day trial here (affiliate link)
2. Let me know you signed up by sending me a message on my Facebook page.
3. I will give you FREE access to my ConvertKit Basics course (normally $47).

Working with Welmoed was one of the best decisions I’ve ever taken in my business. I have a business with three distinct ideal customers: parents, teachers, and students. My old email service provider didn’t provide very easy ways to segment these groups and I was really attracted to the tagging system in Convert Kit. However, I was preparing for a book launch and already working on a website redesign and couldn’t spare the time to do the change myself.

Welmoed’s logical approach and minute attention to detail meant that everything – nearly thirty opt-ins and sequences as well as all my subscribers – were moved over without a hitch. It really was seamless. It was also a real pleasure to get to know Welmoed on a personal level. I’d encourage you to let Welmoed take care of the techy bits of your business so you can do the things that you’re best at. You couldn’t be in better hands.

Lucy Parsons

Academic Coach, Life More Extraordinary

What’s your current situation?

I’m completely new to email list building and ConvertKit.

My ConvertKit Basics course is the way to go! It teaches you all you need to know to get started, is specifically created for people that are new to list building and ConvertKit and explains everything in great detail. If you’re non-techie, this is for you!


I’m moving from another email marketing service to ConvertKit.

I can help! I can move your subscribers, opt-ins, freebies and sequences. Please get in touch to discuss your specific needs. This ConvertKit Migration service starts at $475, with your investment depending on the complexity and set-up you currently have.


I’m busy! Please set up ConvertKit for me!

I’d love to! We’d talk about your business goals and then I’ll go set up your ConvertKit to help you get to those goals. Segmentation, broadcast emails, email sequences, integration with your online courses or e-books, I’ll take care of it all! Your investment for my tech-VA services is between $55-60/hr, with a minimum of 5 hours.


“Welmoed is a true ConvertKit expert – she’s fantastic. On the eve of launching an online program, I decided it was best to switch from Aweber to CK, given CK’s audience segmenting/tagging tools. Initially, I was very lost when mapping out the best CK strategy for what I wanted to achieve. I also needed lots of help with the technical CK set-up — CK works so differently from Aweber — looks different too. I also needed someone to “teach” me how to use CK.

Welmoed was the perfect choice. She not only worked amazingly fast on my CK set-up, but her work and instructing me on CK use were both exceptional! I highly recommend Welmoed for anyone needing a ConvertKit set-up or looking to improve their use of it. I will be working with Welmoed in 2017 to expand my CK use to include sales funnels.

Welmoed even delivers video tutorials for certain tasks if you ask for them and build some into your cost. The quick Skype calls and video tutorials were invaluable. Again, I give my strongest recommendation for Welmoed. She’s a true expert, professional, terrific person and total pleasure to work with!”

Carolyn Cole

Chief Life Officer (CLO), Boomtank