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Why NOT to use Clickfunnels for your membership site

Clickfunnels is great for a number of things, but running a Membership site is simply not one of them. I get often asked why I think so, and here is my answer.

1. You can’t link to individual modules or lessons

The membership area in Clickfunnels has only one URL. The individual modules and lessons don’t have their own URLs so you can’t deeplink to them! This means you can’t send people a link to a specific lesson, for example in emails you’re sending out about a new lesson being available, or linking to a specific lesson from your Facebook group if someone has a question that is being answered in a specific lesson.

2. Bad user experience on mobile

Clicking on a module ‘opens up’ a list of lessons in that module. If you have a large membership with lots of lessons, on Mobile it would be hard for a student to find the right lesson. On top of that, the content would sit all the way below the list of modules and lessons. Students would have to scroll all the way down to find the content they’re looking for. Also, when a student clicks on a lesson, it doesn’t seem like they’re on a different page content wise (but they are) – they will only see it when they scroll all the way down. Especially if your students are not very tech savvy, this can be an issue.

3. No customisation

Clickfunnels offers very little possibilities to customise the member’s area. The modules and lessons will sit on the left, the content sits on the right. You can change the colours, but that’s about it. You could probably customise it using code, but I prefer a system that offers customisation out of the box. I like tools that are easy to use, and that don’t require (much) code to make it look pretty and work properly!

4. Bad customer support

This is a big one for me. Issues will happen, no matter what programme you’re using. Having good customer support is so important in that case! You don’t want to feel left alone struggling with the tech! I’ve found that Clickfunnels support is not always consistent in their answers. One person would say one thing, another person would say another. Also, I read that others have issues with customer support telling them an issue is on the ‘user’ side (either the person with the CF account or the actual member that’s your student) whereas it clearly was a Clickfunnels issue.

I hear people have issues with students not getting into their account even though they are still paying members…. and after a lot of back-and-forth decided it was too much hassle and asked for a refund. That’s missed income for you!

5. Former members still having access to content

I’ve not experienced this myself luckily, but I hear that people have had issues with former students still having access to content after they stopped paying for their membership. Now this is obviously a big issue: people don’t pay anymore, but can still see your content. That’s not good at all…

My solution?

Here are some other platforms to consider for your membership site:

New Kajabi – I highly recommend it! With this link you’ll get 15% off, which you’ll see once you select a plan. They have great customer service! Out of the box option, you just need to pop in your content. Also includes sales pages, opt-in pages to grow your email list, and an email system.
Teachable – not as advanced as New Kajabi, but you can create a membership by grouping courses together. Via my link you will get some nice bonuses if you sign up. Out of the box option, you just need to pop in your content.
Memberpress – a WordPress plugin. Requires more work to setup, but has a ton of features you’d want if your membership site starts to grow! It also allows for a lot of customisation.

Want to see Clickfunnels for yourself? You can sign up for a free 14-day trial here.

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