Webhosting and domain names

What are webhosting and domain names?

Just like your Word-files need to be stored somewhere (eg. on your computer) your website-files need to be stored somewhere. Webhosting companies provide that storage. A domain name is your web address or so-called URL, for example: www.AskWelmoed.com.

Tips for choosing a domain name

When choosing your domain name, you get to choose the name-part (welmoedverhagen) and the extension part (.com for example). If you’re setting up a website for your business, going with .com is a good idea. Don’t stress out about which name to choose for too long, there’s always the option to buy another domain name later and to use that one for your website.

ACTION 1 – Buying your webhosting and domain name

Just follow the steps below and you’ll be ready to go in no time!

1. Go to https://www.siteground.com/go/askwelmoedwebhosting

Follow steps 2 – 15 below. Below these instructions there’s a video that shows the same steps.

2. Select one of the 3 plans. You can go with the StartUp one for now. No need to pay for more than what you need at this time! You can always upgrade later if needed.
3. Click on the orange ‘Get Started’ button
4. Make sure to select ‘Register a New Domain
5. Type in your preferred domain name and make sure to select the right extension! Click on the little arrow on the right hand side to open the drop-down menu to select your preferred extension.
6. Make sure the box “Domain Registration” is ticked so you will get the domain name for free 🙂
7. Click the blue ‘Proceed’ button.

You’ll now automatically go to the next page.

8. Fill out your details under Client Information (the ones with a * are mandatory)
9. Choose a password – and make it complicated so it won’t be easy to hack!
10. Fill out your payment information.

Now we get to the area that says ‘Purchase Information’. You can leave all the settings as they are, but make sure to have a look at the ‘Period’ section:

11. Choose the period you’d like to sign up for. The discount applies to the full period, so if you sign up for 24 months for example, you’ll only pay €3,95/month for those 24 months. If you sign up for 12 months, you’ll pay that low price for 12 months, and after that it will go up to €7,95/month. So the longer you sign up for, the cheaper it will be per month. Just be aware of the fact that you’ll pay for the whole period at once, right now at sign up.

12. Under ‘Extra Services’ you will see that the ‘Free Domain’ has already been ticked, since you signed up for that at step 6 above. In case you’d like no one to know you’re owner of the domain you’re purchasing, select Domain Privacy. And if you feel you’re not very techie and would like SiteGround to provide you with alerts if suspicious things are going on at your website, select ‘HackAlert Monitoring’. You don’t have to choose these options, it’s up to you.

13. Read the Terms of Service and tick the box next to it.
14. Click Pay Now.
15. Done! 🙂 In your email inbox you will find some emails SiteGround will send you after your purchase. You will also receive some emails over the next couple of days with links to all kinds of explanations about how to set up your website. You won’t need to look at those, since all the info you need is covered in this course, in language that’s actually understandable for non-techies 🙂

Video on steps 2-15:

In this video steps 2 – 15 are showcased. Make sure to head over to https://www.siteground.com/go/askwelmoedwebhosting before you start the video.

Some people ask me why I choose to go with SiteGround* for webhosting? There are many reasons, so let me share some of them: their hosting is stable, fast and affordable, and they have great (and fast!) customer service. I love love LOVE good customer service, so that’s a really important factor for me in deciding who to go with. I’m sure you’ll be just as happy with them as I am!

ACTION 2 – Installing WordPress

After you’ve purchased your webhosting and domain name, you’ll need to install WordPress to your website. WordPress is a so-called content-management system (CMS) that makes it easier to work on your website. It doesn’t necessarily look very good though, as you will see at the end of Video 2 today. That’s why tomorrow we’ll be buying and installing a WordPress theme that will make your site look a lot better in no time! You’ll first need to install WordPress though. This is how to do it:

1. Log in to your Siteground account by going to www.siteground.com, clicking on the grey ‘login’ button at the right top and submitting your username and password.
2. Watch the videos below (skip the first seconds as it refers to another video that’s not part of this course).

Note: make sure to write down the username and password you will create! You will need them later to be able to login to your website.

Video – part 1:

Video – part 2:

*This is an affiliate link, which means that if you purchase your webhosting through this link, I get a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Win-win!