“Welmoed is a true ConvertKit expert – she’s fantastic. On the eve of launching an online program, I decided it was best to switch from Aweber to CK, given CK’s audience segmenting/tagging tools. Initially, I was very lost when mapping out the best CK strategy for what I wanted to achieve. I also needed lots of help with the technical CK set-up — CK works so differently from Aweber — looks different too. I also needed someone to “teach” me how to use CK.

Welmoed was the perfect choice. She not only worked amazingly fast on my CK set-up, but her work and instructing me on CK use were both exceptional! I highly recommend Welmoed for anyone needing a ConvertKit set-up or looking to improve their use of it. I will be working with Welmoed in 2017 to expand my CK use to include sales funnels.

Welmoed even delivers video tutorials for certain tasks if you ask for them and build some into your cost. The quick Skype calls and video tutorials were invaluable. Again, I give my strongest recommendation for Welmoed. She’s a true expert, professional, terrific person and total pleasure to work with!”

Carolyn Cole

Chief Life Officer (CLO), Boomtank

“Welmoed explains the technical things that give us anxiety so clearly, calmly and kindly, it’s almost like going to the spa! I recommend Welmoed on her knowledge and her ability to explain anxiety-inducing technical concepts in a way that not only gets the job done, but also makes you feel good about yourself and your own accomplishments in the process!”

Kathy Weller
Artist, www.kathyweller.com

“I consider myself a fast learner but I didn’t know what hit me when I started building a website. Welmoed not only delivers expert advice and construction, but she also empowers people with the tools and confidence to create their masterpiece.”

Jacqui Be
Author & Inspirational Speaker, www.jacquibe.me

“I was excited to work with Welmoed. I felt her enthusiasm and support from across the internet world. Because of Welmoed, I now have a website that has visually been an incredible foundation as I co-create this online sanctuary and wisdom center called Soul Crone. This hippy from the 1960’s learned from Welmoed’s website expertise and perennial patience. Work with Welmoed – anytime, any chance – you will grow your online business.”

Anne Burns
Inspiration follower and facilitator of SoulCrone.com, and Marketing Director and Counselor, Metro-Detroit and Naples, FL

Here is a testimonial by Lisah Hamilton, who I helped piecing all the different parts in ConvertKit together: