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“LinkedIn is just an online resume, right?”

Noooo, there’s so much more to it!

  • Did you know you can use LinkedIn to sell your services without having to spend money on Ads?
  • Did you know you can totally do that without being salesy?
  • Did you know it’s even better to do it in a social way, instead of in a slimy-salesy-way? 🙂

Many people have a LinkedIn Profile but have no idea how to really use it to their advantage. If this sounds like you, read on!

Let’s get started! – How to sell with LinkedIn:

  1. Be clear on the goal you want to achieve on LinkedIn. What type of service are you trying to sell? Who’s your ideal client? Be as specific as possible!
  2. Create an outstanding LinkedIn profile – with your end goal and ideal clients in mind. All else you do on LinkedIn is aimed at getting people to look at your profile, so it’d better look good!
  3. Share valuable content as status updates and articles (blog posts).
  4. Build your network, and interact with these people in a way that builds your know-like-trust factor.
  5. Use LinkedIn Advanced Search to find people who can help you achieve your goal, eg. a person responsible for buying radio ads, or for hiring a person to deliver a talk on your topic of expertise.
  6. Use LinkedIn to see how you’re connected to these people that can help you achieve your goal.
  7. Ask your contacts to introduce you to the people you want to get in touch with. A warm introduction is so much more effective than a cold call! Make sure to not use LinkedIn for this introduction. Use your regular ways of contacting the person, eg via email or phone.
  8. Seal the deal!