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How to Sell Event Tickets with New Kajabi

New Kajabi is great for selling online courses or creating membership programmes, but you can also use it to sell tickets to your events. Here’s how:

  1. Create an Offer without linking any product to it. If you have multiple levels of tickets, make one Offer for each.
  2. Create a Landing Page or Thank You page that people will see after they purchased a ticket. This page contains the info about the event they need after they purchased their ticket. Set this page as the “Thank You page” (under Offer – Checkout). If you are also offering a PDF download, a download button for this could be added on this Thank You page.
  3. Create an email sequence and link it up with the Offer. The first email in this sequence contains a link to the Landing Page / Thank You page where people can re-read the info about the event.
  4. Ask people to print out this email as their entrance ticket. Using the custom fields for First Name and Email, ensures you will see these on people’s printed tickets.
  5. Set up a Tag for this specific Offer.
  6. Before the Event, send people a Broadcast email as a reminder. You would send this message to people with the Tag you created for this Offer. You can set these up well before the event, because you can schedule them to go out on a specific date and time.
  7. When the time of the Event comes: search for the Tag, Export this data, and print off a list of the people with this tag. This is the list of people who paid for your event.
  8. At the door, check people’s printed emails (name + email address) against the printed list.the put into an email sequence (thank you for purchase), send to up sell page, and now using tagging you can easily run a list of attendees off.