Sell your high-end services on LinkedIn!


  • Finally understanding how to really use LinkedIn for your business
  • Closing sales for your high-end services
  • Not having to pay LinkedIn a cent for all of this


I proudly present: the “LinkedIn B2B Intensive”

The “LinkedIn B2B Intensive” is a 6 week small group training & coaching programme for high-achieving entrepreneurs. You’ll learn different strategies on how to finally use LinkedIn and your network to sell more of your services!

This programme is for you if:

  • You are selling services that are at least $500
  • You are willing to put in the work: LinkedIn is great, but it doesn’t work unless you do!
  • You’re willing to provide and receive feedback from others in the group

What’s included in the “LinkedIn B2B Intensive”?

Module 1: LinkedIn for B2B

You’ll learn why exactly Linkedin is great for B2B sales and how to best use it.

Module 2: Ideal Client

You’ll learn how to define your ideal client in terms that are useful on LinkedIn.

Module 3: Profile Optimization

Your LinkedIn Profile is the center of your activity on LinkedIn. You’ll learn how to make it work for your ideal clients.

Module 4: Growing Your Network

In order to use LinkedIn to the max, you’ll need a good network. You’ll learn different ways to smartly grow your network.

Module 5: Finding your Clients

You’ll learn how to use LinkedIn’s Advanced Search to find your clients. And if you’re up for it: Boolean Searches!

Module 6: Getting noticed by your ideal clients

You’ll learn how to get noticed by your ideal clients, and how to arrange a warm introduction to people you don’t know yet.


I will personally be coaching you to get real results from this course. You will receive feedback, there will be live video sessions for each module, and you can ask me all your LinkedIn questions in a private group. The group exists of max. 6 people.

Checklists & Cheat Sheets

You’ll receive checklists and cheat sheets throughout this course to support you in implementing the course material. This will help you get real results!


Each module has videos that explain the different strategies and techniques in great detail.

Who am I?

What a philosophical question 😉 I’m Welmoed, and I have been a LinkedIn Trainer since 2012, in different countries, even Saudi Arabia!
I’ve taught entrepreneurs, companies and students the best strategies to achieve their goals using LinkedIn.


Your financial investment for the “LinkedIn B2B Intensive” is $497*. If you get just one client after completing this course, you’ve earned your money back! Time-wise, this course is intense indeed. You’ll need 2-4 hours/week for the 6 weeks of the course. The more time and effort you put in, the more you’ll get out of it!

*Price goes up to $597 from May 1st. Doors close May 5th 17.59pm EST.

Start Date

“LinkedIn B2B Intensive” will start on May 1st 2017 and will last 6 weeks.