LinkedIn Training for Students (LIVE)

Did you know that about 70% of job openings get filled through people’s networks, before the job openings even get published to the outside world? I’ve trained hundreds of students from across the world on how to use LinkedIn to land their dream job or internship. I even went to Saudi Arabia to train students there!

Do you work at a Career Centre at a University?

Your students can benefit form a LIVE training at their own university that will help them find their dream job after graduation! Contact me here to discuss a programme tailored to your students’ needs!

Topics a LinkedIn Training for Students can include:

* How important is LinkedIn Really? What is LinkedIn exactly and what is it not?
* 3 of the biggest mistakes people make on LinkedIn
* 3 fundamental principles of (online) networking
* How to create an outstanding LinkedIn Profile
* 5 steps LinkedIn Success Strategy
* How to get noticed by recruiters
* How to get noticed by the companies students like to work for
* How to massively increase your chances of getting a job interview