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Recurpost is a huge timesaver

Wouldn’t it be fantastic and time-saving if you had a tool that would schedule your social media for you? And that it would re-post the content again after some time, without you having to add it to the system again? I hear you thinking… “doesn’t MeetEdgar do that?” Yes! But… did you know there is a cheaper alternative to MeetEdgar? Recurpost even has a free plan! And it actually does a lot more than MeetEdgar too…

How does Recurpost work?

Basically, you write your social media posts (incl. images if you want to) inside Recurpost. This becomes your content library, from which Recurpost will post to your social media accounts. You can set the times for each post, or let Recurpost decide on the best time of the day. Recurpost allows you to post to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Cool, how can I sign up?

  1. Go to and choose a plan. I’m on the free plan for now.
  2. Watch the video below on how to sign up and how to connect your social media accounts: