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My first Facebook Image Ad

A Facebook Expert suggested I run an image Conversion Ad, retargeting the people that watched 25% of my first video.

I had some hesitations here:

  • Running an image ad means people would not necessarily get to see the 2nd video I created for them. I didn’t feel too good about that, because I refer to the second video in the first one, and it would mean they wouldn’t get to see the awesome content that’s in there. This second video is really important for me in showing people I can explain techie things in simple language, so I really wanted people to see it. I feel it would help them decide to sign up for my free course on how to create their own website.
  • Image Ads are not known to be cheap, whereas video ads can be very cheap.
  • I would run an image Ad to people that had proven to be watching videos, or at least mine πŸ˜‰

But hey, the Expert suggested this, so let’s give it a try! With Facebook Ads you can never really know unless you test it!

The results

This Ad (I call this one Ad 5) ran from 7 – 12 June 2017, and here are the results:

For a Conversion Ad, the most important metric is the number of leads you get and at what price.

This Ad resulted in 1 leads, at €16.86/lead.

Daily budget: €5.00
Relevance score: N/A – too little data for Facebook to tell.
Total Ad-spend: €16.86
Number of leads: 1
Cost per lead: €16.86

Why I turned this Ad off

This image Ad has the same goal as the Video Ad: to convert people to get onto my list and to sign up for the free course. This ad has in about 5 days only resulted in 1 Lead. And an expensive one at that!

The Video Conversion Ad I ran for 5 days as well, resulted in 4 leads, at less than half of the price of this one (€7.89/lead).

I used pretty much the same text for this Image ad as I did for the video. I wonder if this was confusing for people somehow.

Something else that happened, and this was just interesting and not really a reason to turn the Ad off: even though the text of the Ad clearly shows my course is about WordPress, someone asked if the course would teach about SquareSpace. I might need to consider being even more clear about who this course is for, or exclude people that like SquareSpace from the audience my Ads are shown to. Then again, this was only one person, and I may not need to change everything just because one person wasn’t clear about this.

Time to switch this Ad off, and considering switching the Video Conversion Ad back on!