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New strategy

My first two Facebook Ads weren’t all that successful, so I turned them off. It’s good to do this when you feel your Ads are not performing well: you don’t want to spend money on Ads that are not delivering!

My new strategy:

  • Running an Ad to a website lookalike audience, without any further narrowing down
  • Running a shorter version of the video I used in the previous two Ads. There would be no pre-qualifying questions, and I’d dive into the content of the video sooner. This new video is 3.42 min. long.
  • Ad Spend: €5.00/day
  • Placement: Facebook Feed

Ad 3:

The Ad has been running since 20 May 2017, and here are the results (until and including 12 June 2017):

  • Daily budget: €5.00 (later upped to €7.50/day).
  • Relevance score: 5 (earlier it was 6)
  • Total Ad-spend: €166.91
  • 3-second video views: 9429 – €0.02/view
  • 10-second video views: 2885 – €0.06/view
  • Video watched at 25%: 485 – €0.34/view
  • Video watched at 50%: 316 – €0.53/view
  • Video watched at 75%: 245 – €0.68/view
  • Video watched at 100%: 217 – €0.77/view

Conclusions from this Ad:

  1. The Relevance Score is still only 5. This needs to improve.
  2. The relevance score was 6 for some time. I learned that the relevance score can change over time.
  3. The price per view is much better for this Ad than for Ads 1 and 2:
    • Per 3-second view it’s now €0.02/view instead of €0.03 or €0.04
    • Per 10-second view it’s now €0.06/view instead of €0.11
    • Per 25% view it’s now €0.34 instead of €0.78 or €0.86
    • Per 50% view it’s now €0.53/view instead of €1.04 or €1.62
    • Per 75% view it’s now €0.68/view instead of €1.33 or €1.85
    • Per 100% view it’s now €0.77/view instead of €1.70 or €2.16
  4. I think the costs for these views are still pretty high, so I would still need to make changes somehow! I believe I can probably get conversions (people onto my list) for this price, instead of just people viewing my video. I’m not sure how to improve this though…

Next steps

My idea has always been to send a second video to the people that watched at least 25% of my first video. So here are the next steps:

  1. Creating an audience of people that watched at least 25% of the first video. These could have come through one of the 3 first ads.
  2. Creating the second video.
  3. Running an Ad to this audience with this video.

I decided to run a Conversion Ad instead of a Video Views Ad. In my next blog post I’ll tell you how that went!