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Soooo, a lot has happened since my first post about my Facebook Ads journey some 3 weeks ago!

My first Ads – Objective

The objective of my first two ads was: video views. The video was ‘pure content’ as they call it and was aimed for new people (cold audience) to get to know me.

My first Ads – Ad Sets

I created two Ad Sets (the audience the Ads would be shown to):

Both would run towards a lookalike audience of my website visitors (top 1% of lookalikes from Australia, Canada, and the US), aged 25-64, and English speaking.

The first Ad Set targets people who liked the “Human Rights Campaign” on Facebook.

The second Ad Set targets people who liked the “Female Entrepreneur Association” on Facebook.

My first Ads – Placement

Regarding Ad Placement, I chose to only run the Ads in the Facebook News Feed.

My first Ads – Budget

I ran each Ad for €5.00/day. This is a small budget, but since I’m relatively new to Facebook Ads, I want to play around and test things starting small. Once I know what works, I can scale it 🙂

My first Ads – Results

The Ads weren’t doing great. Granted, I didn’t let them run for a very long time. I did feel it was long enough though to see they weren’t performing as well as I’d hoped.

Ad 1:

This was the one targeting people that liked “Human Rights Campaign”.

The Ad ran from 18 – 20 May 2017, and here are the results:

  • Daily budget: €5.00
  • Relevance score: 5
  • Total Ad spend: €12.93
  • 3-second video views: 365 – €0.04/view
  • 10-second video views: 115 – €0.11/view
  • Video watched at 25%: 15 – €0.86/view
  • Video watched at 50%: 8 – €1.62/view
  • Video watched at 75%: 7 – €1.85/view
  • Video watched at 100%: 6 – €2.16/view

Ad 2:

This was the one targeting people that liked “Female Entrepreneur Association”.

The Ad ran from 18 – 22 May 2017, and here are the results:

  • Daily budget: €5.00
  • Relevance score: 6
  • Total Ad spend: €18.67
  • 3-second video views: 572 – €0.03/view
  • 10-second video views: 173 – €0.11/view
  • Video watched at 25%: 24 – €0.78/view
  • Video watched at 50%: 18 – €1.04/view
  • Video watched at 75%: 14 – €1.33/view
  • Video watched at 100%: 11 – €1.70/view

Lessons learnt

When I discussed these results with the people inside “The Funnel Playground” they said that the amount I was paying for those results, could have been the same but then for actual conversions. This would mean getting people onto my email list, instead of just turning a cold audience into a warm audience. Oops…!

Time to switch these Ads off and see what I can learn from what happened here!

It’s hard to tell what exactly caused these results to not be so good. Here are some things I can imagine played into it:

  1. I had some qualifying questions at the beginning of the video, amongst others asking people if they have an academic background. This may have turned people away from the video if they felt they didn’t qualify.
  2. The relevance scores of both Ads were not as good as they need to be. Ideally, they are 7 or up. In this case, the Ads’ relevance scores were 5 and 6. This means there’s not a good enough match between the audience and the Ads.
  3. The video was over 5 min. long. Part of the length was due to the qualifying questions at the beginning. It may have taken to look to get into the content of the video.

Time to change my strategy!

Interesting finding

But first another interesting observation: Ad 2 ran slightly longer than Ad 1, but when they had both ran for the same amount of time, the results of the two Ads were very similar when it came to the number of video views. This only difference between the two was the targeting: Human Rights Campaign vs Female Entrepreneur Association. The latter is clearly more focused on entrepreneurs, yet the results weren’t so different. Interesting! In the end, the costs for the views of the second Ad (indeed focusing on entrepreneurs) were less. This makes sense since the Ad would better suit this audience than the other.

Next steps

It was suggested to me to run the Ad to just a lookalike audience of my website visitors, without narrowing it down further (gender, age, interests). I also decided to cut the beginning part out of the video (with the qualifying questions). So that’s what I did next.