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When you’ve sent out an email in ConvertKit, you’re probably just like me… checking the stats!

How many people opened your email, how many people clicked links, how many people unsubscribed?

ConvertKit Broadcast Stats

Here’s how to see your stats:

Click Broadcasts at the top of your screen. You’ll now see basic stats for each broadcast email you’ve sent. You will see the number of recipients, the open rate (%), click rate (%), the number of clicks, and the number of people that unsubscribed.

Tip: resend your email to people that didn’t open your email yet

ConvertKit offers a very easy way to resend your email to people that didn’t open it the first time you sent it out. This allows you to present people with your email a second time, improving your chances of people opening the email this time around.

How to Resend to Unopens

1. Login to ConvertKit
2. Click Broadcasts at the top of your screen
3. Click “View Report” for the email you want to resend
4. Click “Resend to Unopens” on the right
5. The subject line will now have “Resending:” before the original subject line.
6. Change the subject line (you can even remove the “Resending:” part) if you want to – this is highly recommended!
7. Change the content of the email itself if you want to.
8. Click Next Step
9. Click Send Broadcast or Schedule to send the ‘resend to unopens’ at a later time. This can be helpful if you want to schedule the re-send right after sending out the email itself. ConvertKit is really smart, in that it will only send the email to people that haven’t opened the original email at the time of sending the ‘resend to unopen’ email. So if you schedule your ‘resend’ email now to be sent out in two weeks time, it will only send it to people that haven’t opened the original one then, not now. Smart hey? ๐Ÿ™‚

Some things to keep in mind

  • Make sure to change the subject line – maybe this new subject line will appeal to people more, and it won’t immediately be clear to people you’ve basically sent them the same email.
  • You can only perform ‘resend to unopens’ once per email broadcast.
  • Make sure to leave some time between the original email and the ‘resend to unopens’ email, eg a couple of weeks.
  • After you’ve send the ‘resend to unopens’ email, ConvertKit will show you stats per email (so the original one and the ‘resend to unopens’ one, and also their combined stats.

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