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ConvertFox –¬†$49 for life

This is an amazing deal: live chat on your website for customer support, email marketing, email marketing automation. I love it! If you’re looking to run a good number of automations, make sure to grab the $99 addon as well. For $49+$99 (once!) you’re good to go! No monthly fees for your email marketing! CLICK HERE to learn more and to grab this deal.

PixelMe – 40% off

PixelMe is by far the best App I’ve purchased this year. It’s a little hard to explain what it does, but it comes down to this: it allows you to add your own Facebook pixel to links to other people’s websites and articles. So if you share an article by someone else, you can add your Facebook pixel to it, and then, later on, retarget these people with your Facebook Ads. It’s simple, yet brilliant. Did I say I love it yet? ūüôā CLICK HERE for this deal or click here for a video in which I explain how PixelMe works.

Missinglettr – 50% off for life

“Missinglettr creates strategic, automated social media campaigns that drive traffic for an entire year. Leaving you to focus on what’s really important.”¬†CLICK HERE for this deal!

ConvertKit – 30 day FREE Trial

Email marketing service. BONUS: You’ll get FREE access to my awesome¬†ConvertKit MiniCourse ($47) to get you started! CLICK HERE for this deal!

Ask Welmoed Tech Support Membership – save $264

This is my own offer this Black Friday! I’m offering my Tech Support Membership site at a huge discount this weekend! It includes courses on LinkedIn, ConvertKit, LeadPages, Screenflow, New Kajabi, Facebook Ads and more! I’m offering two options: 1. Yearly: normally $564 – now $300, saving you $264. 2. Monthly: normally $47 – now $30, saving you $17 every single month ($204 on a yearly basis). Find the options here:¬†

Divi WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes – 25% off

Divi is the WordPress theme I use for my own websites and those of my clients. It’s very versatile and easy to use! You’ll buy a subscription to Elegant Themes, which includes the Divi Theme. I also have a course available for you that takes you through setting up your website if you’re completely new to this (grab it here for free:
Bonus: prizes! CLICK HERE for this deal.

Grum – $25 for lifetime access

Grum allows you to post to Instagram from your computer, without violating Instagram’s Terms of Service. I missed this deal the last time it was offered on AppSumo, and I’m so glad it’s back now!¬†CLICK HERE for this deal.

SiteGround webhosting Рup to 70% off

SiteGround, my preferred webhosting provider and the one I always recommend people use, is offering up to 70% OFF! CLICK HERE for this deal.

WiseStamp – 50% off

Promote your business using your email signature. CLICK HERE for this deal.

Provely Р$97 for life

Provely ads social proof to your website, by showing popups when someone buys a course, opts in¬†to your freebie etc. This encourages others to optin¬†/ buy too. Please note: this is someone else’s affiliate link, as I don’t have one myself. Using an affiliate link is the only way to grab the lifetime deal, as far as I can tell. CLICK HERE for this deal.