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Knowing where to start when creating and launching an online course is not always easy. If you follow these five steps though, you’ll get there!

1. Find your Topic: Passion – Talent – Demand

Find your topic by finding the intersection of the above three. What are you passionate about? What are you good at? And what do people want to learn? You can create a freebie around this topic and/or run a pre-sale to check for proper interest.

2. Create your Course Outline

What is the main result students will get when they take your course? Outline your course so that students will indeed get to these results when they follow your instructions. Take the level of knowledge of your students into account, and make sure the steps logically follow one another.

3. Choose your Course Platform

What course platform will you use to deliver your course? Make sure you make an informed decision on which one to go with so you don’t run into trouble later on.

4. Create your Course

Find out the way in which your students prefer to learn: video, audio, reading? Make sure you have the right tools so it will all look professional. Then go and create your material and upload it to your Course Platform. And then of course connect the course platform to a payment system and your email marketing system.

5. Promote and Launch Your Course

Create a sales page, promote your course to your email list, run a challenge, offer an early-bird discount, answer people’s questions and deliver a ton of value in Facebook groups that your ideal client hangs out in. Let the students come in!