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To be honest: sometimes it is indeed better to stay with MailChimp. ConvertKit itself even wrote this blog post about it. I love their honesty! I think ConvertKit is a much better choice for many people. Here’s why:

1. Better open rates

Research has shown that plain-looking emails – the ones that are just text and that would be similar to emails coming from a friend – get much higher open rates than the fancy-looking ones you can create with MailChimp. You’re no longer sending newsletters, but more personal and personalised (see below) messages. If people want to learn more and see fancy images and all that, they can click to your website, where they can then purchase your online course, product or service. ConvertKit provides simple templates to create these plain-looking emails. Yes, it’s a bit of a ‘shock’ when you come from MailChimp, but it’s much better for your business in the long run!

2. Track people’s interests

What I LOVE about ConvertKit is the option to track people’s interests. For example, if you’re providing training for business owners, you may want to know how long someone’s been in business yet so you can send them information that’s most relevant to their situation. You could send beginner content to biz newbies, and more advanced content to people that have been in business for years.

ConvertKit allows you to create links inside your email for these options, and then you can ask people to click on the link that’s most applicable to them. ConvertKit registers this, and from then on you can send information specific to each group. And the more you focus on content people want and need, the likelier they are to buy from you I’d say 🙂 It’s even possible to create automations and email sequences so that people would automatically start receiving information on the topic of their choice after they clicked a link in your email. This saves you so much time!

Another great way to use these so-called link-triggers is by registering who buys your online course/product/service, and then excluding these people from promotional emails about said course/product/service. This way you prevent people from receiving promo emails about something they already purchased.

3. Ease of use

I’m all for simplicity. People often find ConvertKit much easier to work with than MailChimp. You can also create multiple opt-in forms that lead people to the same freebie and email automation. This is quite difficult to set-up in MailChimp. For example, you could have opt-in forms on your homepage and below your blog posts.

4. Easy Email automation

In ConvertKit creating multiple opt-in forms and linking them to email sequences is super easy. And when you’re creating an automated email sequence it’s very easy to jump from one email to the next. This helps to keep an overview of what you’re sending when, and how they link together content-wise. Overall it’s much easier in ConvertKit to set up any type of automation than it would be in MailChimp.

5. You choose: single or double opt-in

You can choose if you want to use single or double opt-in. With MailChimp this is only possible if you’re using an extra programme like LeadPages. And when you’re using double opt-in with ConvertKit, it’s a much easier process for your subscribers than with MailChimp.
When you’re using double opt-in the process is normally as follows:

– Step 1: person signs up for a freebie on your website
– Step 2: they see a page that tells them to go check their email to confirm their subscription
– Step 3: person clicks on the link in the email
– Step 4: person sees a Thank You Page that has a download to the freebie or a text that tells them their freebie is on its way to their inbox
– Step 5: person finds their freebie in their inbox

Chances are that you lose people somewhere along this way. They may not click the confirmation link, or they may do so but then never get round to actually viewing your freebie. With ConvertKit, steps 4 and 5 are taken out of the process. The first email people receive already contains the freebie people signed up for. This looks a lot like the single opt-in process, but it’s truly a double opt-in: when people click on the download link for the freebie, they’re automatically confirming their subscription to your emails. This way you can have a double opt-in process with a lesser chance of losing people along the way and a bigger chance of people actually seeing your freebie and the value you can give them.

6. See how well you’re doing

ConvertKit gives you statistics per opt-in form. Mailchimp only shows you your overall list growth. ConvertKit allows you to see which forms on your site are performing the best (eg below blog posts, the one on your home page etc.).

7. You only pay once per person

Yes, MailChimp is free up to a certain number of subscribers. However, once you start paying, they charge you multiple times for each person if that person is on multiple lists. In ConvertKit you only pay once for each person (actually: once per email address), no matter how many interests this person has or on how many ‘lists’ they are. In ConvertKit everyone that signs up (for a freebie for example) ends up on one massive ‘list’ in your account. And then according to what they signed up for, what tags they received by clicking on specific links in your emails etc, you can send them emails that interest them. But you only pay once for each person, no matter how many topics a person is interested in.


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