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I get it!

  • You want to reach and impact more people
  • You want to make money with your knowledge
  • You want to create online courses

And then…

you got totally overwhelmed by all the options out there….

Which platform to use?!
Teachable, Thinkific, Clickfunnels, New Kajabi, Memberpress…

As a psychologist I’m well familiar with the term ‘analysis paralysis’: you keep analysing all the pros and cons of each platform and then you just don’t choose, which then massively slows down your business. Not a good thing.

Maybe you’re asking others: what platform is the best to use? Which one should I go with?

Maybe you look at the ‘big shots’ and choose the platform they’re using, because: ‘if they’re using it, it must be good, right’?

Well… Let me tell you this:

There is no one platform that is the ultimate best for every single entrepreneur out there.

What’s best for you and your business depends on a lot of factors, like: do you prefer to have one platform, or separate ones that need to be integrated with one another? How much can you afford to spend on a platform? How tech-savvy are you? Are you looking to sell courses, or do you want to create a membership site? Or both?

In this specific blog post I’d like to tell you all about New Kajabi, because it’s one of the best online course platforms out there. Is it right for you? Only you can decide! Or shoot me a message on Facebook and I’d be happy to help you decide if New Kajabi is right for you! You can also sign up for a free 28-day trial here with my affiliate link to give it a try and see for yourself:

Here are 5 reasons why I LOVE LOVE LOVE New Kajabi:

1. All-in-one platform

You can run your Online Course business pretty much by using New Kajabi only, making it an all-in-one platform.

New Kajabi allows you to create:

  1. A website for your online course business
  2. Blog posts to showcase your expertise
  3. Landing pages with opt-ins so people can sign up for freebies and your email list
  4. Live and pre-recorded webinars
  5. Email Sequences so you can send people follow-up emails after they received your Freebie or watched your Webinar
  6. Online courses & Membership programmes
  7. Payment and Checkout pages that work with PayPal and Stripe
  8. Upsells and order bumps so you can sell even more

This means you can save a lot of money by letting go of other programmes, such as software to create Landing Pages (eg Leadpages), email marketing software (eg GetResponse, Aweber), Webinar software (eg WebinarJam) and even your current website and plugins (eg WordPress, SquareSpace).

Having it all in one place can be really helpful if you’re not super tech-savvy and find it hard to link up all the different programmes you currently have!

2. New Kajabi makes you look professional

It’s very easy to make your website and only courses look good in New Kajabi. I’m not a graphic designer and often struggle to make things look good and professional. In New Kajabi however, simply because of the way it’s made and the templates are setup, it’s super easy to make it all look good and totesh profesh. So if you’re like me – challenged in this department – you’ll love New Kajabi ๐Ÿ™‚

3. Great support

New Kajabi has great customer support. There’s live chat support, and a fantastic Facebook group full of very helpful Kajabi customers that are happy to help others out. It’s one of the best communities I’ve seen around. I’m a sucker for great customer support as you may know, so this one’s a biggie for me!

4. Integrated Affiliate system

How cool would it be if others would be promoting your courses for you? With New Kajabi you can easily set up an Affiliate scheme for this. Say, your very happy client wants to promote your course to others they know may be interested. They basically do the selling for you, and in return for the sale you’ll give them a monetary reward. New Kajabi has an easy setup for this, and you don’t need an external affiliate programme for this. Easy-peasy!

5. Amazing new features

Discovering a great online course platform is one thing, but discovering one that keeps putting out great new features on a regular basis is even better! New Kajabi works with so-called development cycles, lasting about 6 weeks I believe. Each time they put out new features that keep improving the platform! They also really listen to what their customers have to say about the platform, what they’d like to see changed or added, and then develop these things.